A little boy and his family were devastated when an important piece of medical equipment was stolen from them.

They weren't counting on the kindness of strangers, however.

For Wyatt Daring, 5, playing outside is fraught with danger. Bruises from bike rides aside, the Schwenksville, Montgomery Co., boy was born with itctheyosis, a rare genetic skin disorder.

"If he overheats, he could die," said his mother, Teri Daring.

Wyatt has to wear a specially designed vest aimed at keeping him cool.

A week ago, however, Wyatt's vest was stolen from Teri's car while grocery shopping.

"Means he can't go out for recess, go outside to play with the other kids, has to stay here where it's cool all the time," Teri said.

Due to muscular dystrophy, Teri can't work. Her husband's income supports the family of six.

Costs for Wyatt's lotions, bandages and other supplies not covered by insurance  run the family close to $500 per month.

"Right now, they told us we need $1,900," said Teri.

The air conditioning is a necessity needed to keep Wyatt cool, Teri said.

"Right now, we've been turning them off because were worried about electric company," Teri said.

A new vest costs $700, money the family doesn't have, but after a story about the theft ran in the paper, it's been a whirlwind for Teri and Wyatt.

Yesterday, the pair were in New York City, where news anchor and talk show host Anderson Cooper gave Wyatt a lifetime of new cooling vests.

"It's cool," Wyatt said of his new vest.

A fundraiser at the the Waltz Golf Farm is set for Tuesday. Thousands of dollars in donations from across the county have already poured in.  

"I'm so afraid I will wake up and realize it was a dream and never really happened.
It's unbelievable," said Teri.

It's not a dream, just the reality of how a brazen act turned into a beautiful response.