A Philadelphia man has pleaded not guilty to charges he made an illegal "straw purchase" of a gun for another man who authorities said used the weapon to kill a police officer.

Michael Henry faces charges in connection with the alleged "straw purchases," in which someone legally allowed to buy firearms purchases them for someone who's forbidden from doing so. He's being held on $1 million bail.

Henry, 31, purchased nine firearms and sold them to Andrew Thomas, who was on probation, prosecutors said.

Thomas, 44, then used one of those guns to fatally shoot Bradley Fox, a Plymouth Twp., Montgomery Co., police officer, during a chase after Thomas fled from a hit-and-run crash in September.

Thomas, police said, then killed himself.

Fox, a seven-year veteran of the police department who served two tours of duty as a U.S. Marine, was killed on the eve of his 35th birthday.