An eighth grade science teacher at Pottstown Middle School is facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl.

The school district said it just learned of the charges against Jared Leimeister on Tuesday, and it's launched an internal investigation.

Leimeister didn't answer his apartment door on Schuylkill Road in Chester County on Tuesday night.

According to court documents, the girl told North Coventry Township police that she was sexually assaulted while visiting that apartment.

The alleged abuse happened between October 2012 and February 2013 while Leimeister was teaching at Pottstown Middle School.

"Eighth grade, come on now. Somebody is not doing their job," said Vanessa Perry, a parent in the Pottstown School District. "Somebody put down the baton and is not doing their job."

The school district said Leimeister is facing multiple indecent assault charges.

"After a number of calls and checking our information, we were able to confirm it was in fact the same person. He is an eighth grade teacher in Pottstown Middle School," said John Armato, a spokesman for the Pottstown School District.

Perry's eight children went through the Pottstown schools. She said Leimeister shouldn't be working in the fall.

"When somebody says something like that, that's serious issue and that child is going through some stuff right now," said Perry. "That man needs to be sat down."

The school district said it acted immediately once it learned of the charges and in time it will determine what will happen to Leimeister.

"He don't need to be here because that's dangerous for other kids," said Perry.

The school district is conducting an internal investigation. At this point, Leimeister is still a teacher at Pottstown Middle School.