Police in Bucks County are still on the search for several suspects involved in a deadly home invasion.

"This is a big puzzle and we're trying to piece together and come up with an answer for it," Hilltown Township Police Chief Chris Engelhart said.

Days after a deadly home invasion, police tape, cop cars, and investigators continue to comb over the house and grounds of the Swartley Road, Hilltown Township, Bucks County estate.

"We believe he was targeted that the resident was targeted," Engelhart said.

He would be Joseph Canazaro, 48. Police say Friday two men, one Hispanic the other Asian, broke into Canazaro's home killed him and then tied up his girlfriend and their 12-year-old son.

The two men then stole several weapons and the family's black pickup which was later ditched in Quakertown.

At this point police are short on suspects but are looking into the background of Mr.Canazaro trying to figure out if anyone would want to do him harm.

Canazaro, a local businessman, who owned multiple properties, including Finn McCool's Tavern in Hatfield, Montgomery County, had filed for bankruptcy in 2008.

At this point police don't know if Canazaro's business dealings played a role in his death.

Security cameras along Route 309 are being looked at but police will only say they've yielded some results.

Investigators also aren't yet saying how Canazaro died or how the men got into the house. The entire scene however has punched a hole through the serenity of this pastoral community.

"Those things don't happen around here," Dorthey Wiley said.

"Something like this happens here it kinda makes you think okay what do we need to do to improve our safety," Joe Sullivan said.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call Hilltown Township Police at 215-453-6011