What a long road it's been.

For decades drivers have dreamed of an easier way to get between Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Now that dream is finally a reality.

The new Route 202 bypass opened Monday afternoon.

The 8.4 miles will run between State Route 611 and State Route 63.

Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley calls it a new transportation era in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

With the cut of the ribbon a new way to get between Bucks and Montgomery counties is open.

"This project will enhance mobility, provide a multi-use trail, connections to local roadways and fits into the context, fabric of the surrounding communities," said Lester Toaso, district executive for PennDOT.

PennDOT officials say the 8.4 miles of road cost $200 million.

At times when the legislators wanted to scrap the state funded roadway, community members kept pushing for this roadway to ease traffic concerns.

"It's very rewarding to see something like this come together after 35 years of effort," added George Niblock who helped work on the project.

The stretch of road is also designated as a scenic bypass by Governor Tom Corbett.

"That special designation reserves the scenic view citizens will enjoy while traveling this roadway and makes it eligible for certain funding," said Barry Schoch, Pennsylvania secretary of transportation.

Some still say a scenic view means nothing if the bypass doesn't alleviate the traffic congestion.

"The designers, the engineers, are they held accountable," said protester, Larry Shaeffer. "Do they lose their jobs? No that never happens in the transportation field. Nobody's ever held accountable."

PennDOT officials believe the road way will ease traffic concerns.

There is also a bike path and walkway.

Leaders in Harrisburg are celebrating the fact that the public and lawmakers can get things done.

"It has been, as we all know, a long and hard journey to get here," said Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor, Jim Cawley.

There are 10 intersections along the bypass to service other townships in the area.