Upper Bucks Regional EMS needs financial help

Published: 8:00 PM EDT Oct 15, 2012   Updated: 5:40 AM EDT Oct 16, 2012

It's a call for help.

Workers at the Upper Bucks Regional EMS say the company needs an infusion of cash: $200,000 to be exact.

The organization provides help to people in seven different municipalities and now the chief of the Upper Bucks Regional Emergency Medical Service is asking for help from the communities.

"We're not at a catastrophic period now where we have to shut the doors," said Adam Maziuk, executive director and chief of Upper Bucks Regional Emergency Medical Service.

For years the company has been surviving by getting grant money and other donations.

Each year they have saved some money, but still need $200,000 to make ends meet.

"Unfortunately, services are going out of business and the funding is dwindling as far as grants are concerned so we have to keep the level of service that we have," added Maziuk. "We can't get any bigger and we can't really get any smaller either."

Board members say they will decide how to split the $200,000 between the seven municipalities, based on the number of emergency services calls in the region. One municipality has already agreed to pay; the others say they're working on it.

"We use the squad, we need medical care," said Ed Bartosiewicz, board member representing Riegelsville. "It's the only place to get it. Where else is it going to come from?"

If the Upper Bucks Regional EMS did close, the municipalities would need to get an ambulance from Quakertown or Easton.

Springfield Township didn't have a station before and when they did get one--"We watched response times drop in half," added James Nilsen, board member representing Springfield Township. "They were going around 25 minutes or so for an ambulance to come out. Now we got it down to ten or fifteen on an average."

Response time that has saved lives, and now hopefully response time that will keep Upper Bucks Regional EMS in business before the next budget goes into effect.