A 16-year-old boy is being remembered exactly one year after he was hit and killed while crossing Sunnyside Avenue and East High Street in Lower Pottsgrove Township, Montgomery County.

A vigil was held in his honor Tuesday night, where dozens of family members and friends had a moment of silence to remember Timmy Paciello.

"Timmy was a good kid and he could have been a good man someday if this did not happen," said family friend Denise Dukes.

"It is a shame that such a young boy had to lose his life over something so senseless. It changed a lot of people's lives forever. This has impacted the entire community," said family friend Bambi Cocci.

But family and friends tell us that grieving the loss of Timmy has been hard because of the ongoing criminal case.

Police say Denise Dinnocenti claimed to be the driver that night when it was really her boyfriend Robert Sitler. Sitler was convicted of vehicular homicide in a previous pedestrian accident in 2004 in Alabama. Family members tell us Sitler's defense lawyer won the bid to prevent the jury from hearing about the prior conviction.

"It is not the first person he killed in the same exact way. We need the justice system to come through for us. Come through mostly for Timmy. He is the one who needs it. And the family needs their rest and their peace," said Timmy's friend Maxine Bickings.

"To see the mother struggle for an answer and for closure, it is rough," said Dukes.

So with little closure, family and friends had a moment of silence for Timmy and they say they are hoping the case gets resolved soon.

"It just means a lot that out of everyone here, they can come and support us and it is real hard to move on when that court date is still coming around that corner," said Timmy's brother Jason Paciello.

The trial date, for the alleged driver Robert Sitler, was originally scheduled to start last Monday November 4th. But it has been pushed back.\