A former police officer found himself on the wrong side of the law and was shot and killed by US Marshals Tuesday night in Delaware County.

Police say Anthony James Galla was wanted for attempted murder in Northumberland County.

Investigators say Galla pointed a gun at them and had a bag full of ammunition when they shot him to death.

"Based on all the information that was obtained, this guy was looking to die or get into a shoot out with cops," said Supt. Mike Chitwood with the Upper Darby Twp. Police.

The 31-year-old Galla had been an officer with several central Pennsylvania police departments, including Mount Carmel in Northumberland County.

However, now, he was accused of trying to shoot and kill his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend in Mount Carmel. Police say the new boyfriend was only shot in the foot, then Galla got away and police started searching for him.

According to court documents, police reached Galla by phone, who told them, "The real Anthony Galla is back. There are two ways this will end, one is good and one is bad."

US Marshals were then able to track Galla down in a hotel in Upper Darby Twp., Delaware County. Officers say Galla's brother was there and tried to warn him that the hotel was surrounded. "He ran in. They chased him inside. He's screaming, 'Cops.Cops.' They eventually get him and then there's the shootout," explained Supt. Chitwood.

Officers say Galla pointed a gun at them, then police shot and killed him.

Investigators say US Marshals had to shoot Galla to diffuse what could have been a very dangerous situation.

Apparently he had a lot more ammunition in the room, said Chitwood. "AR 15 ammunition, Glock ammunition, shotgun shells. In addition to the ammunition, we also found bulletproof vests. So this guy was ready for war, this guy was fully loaded," Chitwood stated.

The suspect's brother and his current girlfriend have been taken into custody.