Haverford College uses goats to clear overgrown lot

Published: 11:59 AM EDT Jul 30, 2013
Haverford College

 A Delaware County college is trying an old trick to clean up an overgrown lot.

Haverford College is using 29 goats to start munching through 1 1/2 acres across from a duck pond.

School officials say the animals have already cleared out one section and have moved on to an even denser one.

The goats have been hired from a company called Eco-Goats in Maryland.

School officials say they plan to follow up the goat operation with a human crew armed with machinery that will clear out what was left and kill off stumps.

The goats are leased for about $400 a day, plus the cost of putting up a fence.

Officials say machinery for the job would cost $2,500 to $3,000 daily.