The pilot of a small plane that hit power lines and crashed in Bucks County over the weekend has died, officials said.

John Szabo died Monday at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, according to Giselle Zayon, a hospital spokeswoman.

Szabo, of New Hope, suffered severe burns when his experimental plane went down about 11:45 a.m. Saturday in Doylestown Township, near the intersection of Route 313 and the Route 611 bypass.

"You could just see a whole bunch of smoke and you could see the tail end of the plane from what it looked like, hanging onto the wires," said witness Neli Genner.  "The pilot was on fire and was being pulled from the plane."

Szabo's plane was an experimental ultra-light type aircraft he called "Cricket." It was roughly eight feet long.

Witnesses said they knew there was trouble as soon as the plane took off.

"Once it kind of turned downwind, it just kind of lost lift and didn't have enough of the power to keep up there," said Preston Mitchell.

"Most of these planes can take off way quicker, and we were told that he didn't have enough power," added Aaron Kane.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the accident.