The frantic search for a missing college student from Montgomery County came to an end Thursday after he surfaced hundreds of miles from his home.

Matthew Royer was found unharmed and was reunited with his family one week after he never arrived home to Skippack Twp., Montgomery Co.

"It's a relief because we were thinking the worst," said Sue Klipp, who lives across the street from the Royer family.

Klipp got word Thursday afternoon Matthew was found alive after what has been a week of worry and heartache for his family and his community.

"Everyone just did whatever they could do. We looked at possible routes he may ave taken in hopes of finding him," said Klipp.

Royer's neighbors set out on a search after he never arrived home for the summer after leaving his apartment at the University of Rhode Island. His parents lost touch with him Thursday night.

According to police, Royer was spotted at a gas station near Allentown, and possibly spotted again hours later in Myerstown, Lebanon Co.

"Matthew, if you can hear this, no matter what the circumstances are, your friends and your family, we all love you," said Janet Royer Monday, during a news conference with Pennsylvania State Police.

Investigators treated Royer's disappearance as a missing person case, but they did indicate he may have run off on his own.  

The saga finally ended Thursday, but with little information. After reaching out to the media for help and all the resources used by police, Royer's family asked for privacy and considered this a closed matter.

Many questions still remain though. What was he doing in North Carolina, and why didn't he tell his parents?

For now, his neighbors said they're just relieved.

"I'm just so happy for her. I'm happy for the family, I just want to go over and give her a hug," said Gretchen Gabel, who lives in the same neighborhood.

State police said the case is closed and would not comment on what took the 21-year-old to North Carolina.