Meet Pedro Almeida - Periko-- who creates Zumba music

Published: 11:16 PM EDT Jul 01, 2013   Updated: 8:30 AM EDT Jul 02, 2013

Dance fitness fanatics around the world are addicted to Zumba and in many ways it's thanks to the music that's specifically chosen for the program.

WFMZ met with one of the creators of the music who's already made a name for himself throughout Latin America.

His name is Pedro Almeida, known by his artist name 'Periko'.

The singer-songwriter began his career in his home country of Peru, shortly after attending music school.

"I like to feel the music you know? And when I write a song I like people to get involved in my music. Tthat's my goal, that's what I really want," said Periko.

Periko has established himself as a singer-songwriter in Latin America and thanks to his recent move to Miami has been able to attract other artists.

Currently, he's working on a duet project with Argentine singer-songwriter Jessi Leon.

The first song titled 'Me Vuelvo Loco' is to be released the end of July.

Recently, a friend who was working for Zumba Fitness, LLC. opened a whole new window of opportunity for Periko.

"She called me and she said 'hey, listen do you want me to send a couple of songs of yours because I'm working with Zumba' and I said 'wow yeah sure!' and I sent a couple of songs and they loved my music," he said.

Periko now has close to 30 songs that are rotated among Zumba classes around the world.

That's approximately 14 million people across 150 countries.

"I have family in Italy and they dance to my music, I have friends in Spain and Spain and they're like 'hey Periko, I'm dancing to your song right here I'm in Barcelona' and I'm like 'wow that's cool' you know?" he said.

Periko will give a live acoustic performance at Mixto Restaurant at 1141 Pine St. in Philadelphia at 9 p.m. Wednesday. Tickets are $10.