The Philadelphia police officer who made national headlines last fall after allegedly punching a woman in the face has been given his job back.

In a video posted on YouTube, Lt. Jonathan Josey appeared to punch 40-year-old Aida Guzman during last year's Puerto Rican day parade.

Josey was acquitted of assault charges in February and an arbitrator has now issued an 18-page decision in Josey's favor.

Guzman and her attorney held a press conference this afternoon to share their reaction to the decision.

Enrique Latoison, Guzman's attorney, said, "One thing we discussed earlier is Ms. Guzman is in fear for other citizens out there. Because the whole idea is if you can get away with this on video what can you get away with off video."

The 18-page decision reinstates Josey with full benefits and back pay.

Josey claimed Guzman had refused to drop a bottle of beer she was holding.

The arbitrator says a frame-by-frame review of the video supports Josey's claims.