If a telemarketer calls and tells you he's a sheriff's deputy and there are charges out against you, be on guard.

The Montgomery County sheriff's department is warning residents to be on the alert for a telemarketing scam where people are falsely identifying themselves as sheriff's deputies.

The fake officers harass citizens to give out personal information, which may lead to identity theft.

According to the sheriff's department, county detectives are investigating at least one incident about a man with a heavy accent who has called local residents claiming to be a Deputy Thomas O'Brien.

The man says he is following up on false charges against the resident, and tells them to contact another fake officer with an out-of-state phone number to discuss the details of the complaint.

The scammer may ask for personal information such as date of birth, social security number and address.

“Impersonating a law enforcement officer is a serious crime and it ruins the trust that people have for official law enforcement officers,” said Sheriff Eileen Whalon Behr. “The MCSD does not make phone calls regarding details of civil matters and we don’t collect personal information over the phone.”

Anyone who has been a victim of this crime should call the sheriff's department at 215-278-3331 or email to report the incident.

Complaints can also be filed with the resident’s local police department or, The U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Pennsylvania by calling 215-861-8200 or online.