The Borough of Quakertown council Wednesday, unanimously approved an application to grant the Façade program $50,000 worth of grants as a part of the borough’s ongoing Quakertown Alive! initiative.

The grant money for the program, received from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, will allow the borough to grant donations to community initiatives aimed at improving the downtown Quakertown business district surrounding Main Street.

“The town has been involved in this program for many years,” said council vice president Donald Rosenberger, who proposed and read the resolution at Wednesday’s meeting.

The $50,000 will allow the borough to allocate ten or more grants to businesses in the area in amounts not exceeding $5,000.

Previous winners of this grant include Broad Street Preservationists, Lombardi & Associates and McCoole’s restaurant and bar.

The council also voted to amend their requirements for all donation requests submitted to the borough.

“The Borough of Quakertown recognizes the importance of groups and/or organizations and may consider donations to such organizations which provide benefits for the residents of the Borough,” said council member Edward Scholl.

The criteria for organizations requesting donations from the borough in 2014 will limit the applicant pool to non-profit organizations, youth groups and athletic teams.

Applicants will also have to demonstrate how their activity provides a service or benefit to the community.

Other potential restrictions include the make-up of the participants, the integrity of the organization’s structure and their financial background.

In other business, the council approved a motion to execute the findings of a traffic study that will result in a shift of traffic patterns along 4th Street through Broad Street, as well as on Branch Street.

The study was initially carried out on January 4th for around $5,000, but with the board’s approval the study will now be implemented fully.