A new busing plan, which will move up school start times at the high school and middle school levels while eliminating van and mini-bus runs for charter school and private school students, would save the district more than $228,000.

Harner, who studied the issue at the request of school directors, said freeing up school buses by moving up start times and transferring charter and private school students to those buses at a centralized location would help provide those savings.

"I did this in Cumberland Valley for the last five years. We spend $4.1 million on transportation and $1 million is spent on special education transportation. We can find ways to be more efficient," he said.

Harner said the school district is bound by law to transport students to charter and private schools located 10 miles from the district's outermost boundary.

Thirty-five non-public school students are transported by this district at this time, according to Harner.

"Some of our trips are close to Allentown. Our longest trip is into downtown Philadelphia," he said.

"If we start school earlier, athletes would miss less time. Every minute counts and we owe it to our students." he said.

Harner noted that the biggest obstacles are in-district private schools agreeing on time changes and the reaction from parents and students.

He said e-mails will be sent to all parents detailing the proposed changes.

Directors will vote on the proposal at its April 24 meeting.