A plan for Peppermint Road Park was approved by Springfield Twp. Supervisors at their meeting in Bucks County Tuesday night.

The land purchased by the township over 10 years ago will now be transformed into accessible public usages, like a walking trail.

The submitted plan also included letters of approval from the Springfield School District, Bucks County and a few neighboring townships.

The plan allows for 26 acres per every 1,000 residents.

The supervisors applied for grant funds that may come through at the end of this month or in early November. They have already received $168,000 in funds from the County Open Space Program.

No taxpayer money is expected to be used in implementing the new park plan.

The supervisors spoke of several people and groups who have volunteered to help maintain the park and its trails for free.

“Sixty people want to get involved in the parks and rec program,” said Barbara Lindtner, board chairperson. “We have groups that have already requested volunteer opportunities and they will be out there on the trails doing maintenance. That is what makes this township run: volunteerism.”

For several months, the entire board had welcomed the input of residents for suggestions on what to do with the park space. That time period has not necessarily closed.

“To me this is a document that is just a document.,” said Rob Zisko, the vice-chairperson. “It is a guiding document, not a master plan or an ordinance.”

The approved Parks and Recreation Plan also included plans for a new project at Springfield Middle School.

Springfield Township partnered with Springfield School District to also include some development plans of township owned lands next to Springfield Middle School.

The township’s 14 acres there might be turned into an “outdoor learning space,” according to Lindtner.

Lindtner and Donna Holmes, a representative of the school district, both agreed that the project at the middle school could serve a dual purpose: High school students will create the learning space in a project-based learning program that will eventually be used by middle school students.

The board of supervisors will now wait to hear about the rest of the grant money before they move ahead with the newly approved Parks and Recreation Plan.