The snow must go before Eagles begin playoff run

Game-time temperature Saturday night forecast to be 24 degrees

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Published: Jan 03 2014 01:17:01 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 03 2014 06:40:23 PM EST
Lincoln Financial Field cleared of snow

Just about anything that can be used to clear snow is being put to use both inside and outside Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Workers are racing against the clock to clear the stadium and the surrounding area of snow before the Eagles take on the New Orleans Saints in their NFC wild-card playoff game, which is a sell-out.

Philadelphia received about nine inches of snow.

The goal is to keep snowballs out of the hands of fans, said officials, promising to arrest anyone who does thrown snow or anything else.

"I really don't think snowballs are going to be an issue, but there's no reason for anybody to throw anything during a game," Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan, Philadelphia Police Dept., told our partner station, WPVI-TV, on Thursday. "Anyone who is will not be in that game very long."

Even with a snow-free stadium, the weather will not be all that favorable for those in attendance. The game-time temperature at 8:10 p.m. Saturday is forecast to be 24 degrees. Factor in the wind, and it will feel more like 19.

Still, police are prepared for anyone who acts out in an unruly or threatening behavior.

"It's simply not going to be tolerated, and you're going to be ejected from the stadium or arrested," Sullivan said.

During the Eagles' last home game against the Chicago Bears on Dec. 22, 15 fans were arrested and 68 were ejected from the stadium.

This time around, police officers will be going undercover throughout the stadium, dressed in New Orleans Saints jerseys and hats, WPVI reported.

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This will be the Eagles' first playoff game in three seasons.