If you're into obstacle races or are just looking for a different way to get into shape this year, there's a new gym in our area to help you do just that.

Urban Fit Inc., a facility close to 11,000-square-feet in Hatfield, Montgomery Co., presents anything but a typical workout.

“We have hurdles, parallel bars, monkey bars, rope climbs of various heights. We have Olympic rings, basically a big adult playground,” said co-owner Tara Pendergraft.

Pendergraft, who has a BS in health administration with a concentration in exercise and nutrition science, said she was impressed by all the different fitness choices she had while she lived in New York City.

Pendergraft decided to open a facility with Carl Beigler, a certified TRX instructor and a certified nutritional coach, in April 2012, which was far from a typical gym.

“A lot of people that we know do the obstacle course, mud runs, Spartan races and there's no real place to really train for that,” she said.

The type of training at Urban Fit Inc. is called functional training, which closely mimics natural movements people do in everyday life.

"We have a lot of runners that come in here for cross training and they find that they end up being much stronger during races, and they cut time off their pace,” said Pendergraft.

William Lied has been taking part in the squadron class since April and says he's already seen a difference in how he feels while doing other activities like indoor soccer.

"I started doing this and it's the first season that I haven't gotten hurt. I'm not pulling muscles and things like that so it's really helped me with a lot of that, too,” he said.

Rachael Donatiello, who actually ran the Lehigh Valley Tough Mudder last June, said the classes made a big difference in her performance.

"If it wasn't for this class, we would've done much worse. We would've been slower on our times but with this class it helped us get through the obstacles and really conquer everything that we wanted to,” said Donatiello.

Pendergraft said she and her other trainers recently went through Spartan race group training certification and will start running those courses this month.