Dancers in Quakertown are gearing up for the chance of a lifetime--a front row seat to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia.

Forty-nine dancers from Miss Cindy's School of Dance will join dance studios from across the region in performing in the parade.

Dancers at Miss Cindy's School of Dance, between the ages of 10 and 18, will perform jazz & tap in three different numbers, including the opening and closing numbers.

Dancers said the performance will be just as festive as the day they're performing on.

"Really energetic, lively and colorful," said Lauren Ridgeway, a dancer at the studio.

Cody Krause, also a dancer at the studio, said he's both nervous and excited to perform in the parade for the first time.

Krause said he is also looking forward to getting television experience.

"It's good for my resume and getting T.V. exposure, and it shows that we can handle the pressure to be on T.V.," Krause said.

Dancers said one of the biggest challenges in performing in the parade is getting used to dancing on pavement.

"We've been practicing in the street so we're used to it," Ridgeway said.

"We'll have to stomp louder," Krause said.

Ridgeway said she enjoys the acoustics of performing outdoors.

"In tap shoes with metal, it always sounds extra cool on pavement," Ridgeway said.

The dancers auditioned for the parade by sending in a video and were recently introduced to the choreography for the show.

The choreography also includes props, that is taking dancers some getting used to.

"We have huge stars. We actually have to go into the streets to practice with them," said Cindy Johnston, owner of Miss Cindy's School of Dance.

All of the dancers are hoping for fair weather.

"We are cold. We have so many different layers on to keep warm....but it never works," Ridgeway said.

The dancers will leave Quakertown at 4 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day morning to get to rehearsals by 6 a.m. The parade starts at 9 a.m.