Sellersville gets $5 million to develop former factory

Published: 6:00 PM EDT Sep 25, 2013   Updated: 7:50 PM EDT Sep 25, 2013

In the early 1990's US Gauge started moving out of Sellersville. Left in its wake? Basically a 44 acre empty parking lot.

But now a $4.5 million low interest loan will enable Sellersville to rebuild and attract new business and jobs.

"It's a small town, everyone is friendly. It's a great place to be." Diane Burecki said.

The charm in Sellersville, Bucks County is easy to see but local barber shop owner Nick Prosseda says a youthful work-force is a little harder to spot.

"We cut all ages, see a lot of the younger, the youth is going to college then leaving," he said.

But a 44 acre vacant brownfield, just off Clymer Road, could be the key in keeping college grads in town.

"What we have here is the old AMETEK site, which was also known as U.S. Gauge." Borough Manager David Rivet said while walking near the site.

The site is now targeted for a $5 million industrial redevelopment makeover which could mean nearly a thousand new jobs within the next 5 to 7 years.

"This will be a tremendous shot in the arm for the borough," Rivet stated

A shot provided by the Bucks County Industrial Development Authority, which secured a $4.5 million loan from the state.

Money they say doesn't have to be paid back until the site is profitable. Rivet would like to see Sellersville sell themselves to the medical industry, among others.

Could you attract high tech businesses to keep and attract younger people," WFMZ asked him.

"That would be an excellent fit, an excellent use for the downtown," Rivet responded.

The 9 parcels are slated to be divided into 4-5 acre sites, bringing with them a new look to the neighborhood and the downtown.

"You'll have more of a lunch crowd for the local pizza shops and the restaurants," Prosseda said.

We did talk to a homeowner who said she wishes there would be room for a community park.