Teen's fall illustrates serious risk posed by local quarry

Author: , Reporter, DParker@wfmz.com
Published: Sep 18 2013 05:36:01 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 18 2013 06:53:56 PM EDT

A teenager who fell almost 60 feet into a popular quarry has officials sounding the alarm.

The accident happened Tuesday, at a quarry located in St. Peter's Village in Warwick Twp., Chester Co., authorities said.

"He fell and broke his arm and twisted it backwards. I heard it was pretty ugly," said Colin Renn, who lives in the area.

A medical helicopter was called to the scene, but in the end, the teen was transported by ambulance to Reading Hospital, EMS officials said.

Rescue workers are taking the opportunity to warn the public to stay away from the quarry.

"If you jump from an elevation, there's always a risk of being injured," said Chief Joseph Carmen, Elverson EMS.

A nearby creek, where the water is shallow, has also been the spot of many injuries after hikers have slipped on wet rocks, authorities said.

EMS workers said they've been to the area five times this summer, but there have been summers where they've been called to the area as many as 15 times. They said rescues can be complicated.

The land is private property and anyone there without permission will be considered a trespasser.

No deaths from falls into the quarry have occurred in recent memory, authorities said, and that's exactly how they want to keep it.