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Alleged shooter's family reacts to deaths

Family of alleged shooter reacts to incident

ELDRED TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Tonight a Monroe County community is reeling from a deadly shooting.

Unfortunately, we've been down this road before.

The shooting last night in Eldred Township happened just a few miles away from the shooting at the Ross Township Municipal Building last August.

Tonight we're hearing from the daughter-in-law of the man who allegedly pulled the trigger in Eldred Township.

Christina Flyte says her father in law had a violent temper made worse by drugs.

She says when she heard about the shooting, she was shocked but not surprised.

"He has been very nasty in his life. He goes by the nickname Madman, is what he was, and it just got worse with the drugs," said Flyte.

The madman Christina Flyte is speaking of is her father in law Garry Flyte.

Police say around 7 Wednesday night Flyte  walked into his neighbors' Miexell Valley Road, Eldred Township home and opened fire.

30 year old Steven Powell was shot  in the front room. His stepfather Jeffrey Place and the family dog were shot on the enclosed porch.

Police say Flyte used the family's phone to call 911 afterward.

Place died at his home..Powell at the hospital.

The murders stunned this quiet Monroe County Neighborhood.

Several neighbors speak of Place and Powell like they're members of their family, saying Place was hardworking and friendly...and Powell, who was mentally disabled, was always looking to help others.

But ask neighbors about Flyte and you'll get a different set of descriptors..

Angry.  Paranoid. Erratic. Drug addicted.

"He's been under methamphetamines we have told the state police about it we have told them what was in the home we told them that at one time we thought they were making it in the home," said Flyte.

Christina says her family is heartbroken for the family if the victims...

Investigators have not released a motive for the shooting.

Flyte is now being held without


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