Two business owners from Allentown will be in the national spotlight this weekend.

Maribel Nieves and her daughter Jana designed a wedding dress for a very special and spoiled pooch from Doylestown to be featured on a Nat Geo Wild episode, the bride, Fiona and groom Chico were both rescue dogs.

Maribel said the opportunity arose while attending the doggie bachelorette party a week earlier when she realized the bride-to-be had no gown to wear to the ceremony.

"It had to be a wedding gown, it could not be a costume we didn't want that, that's not our has to be luxury" said Maribel.

However designing wedding gowns isn't where the duo got started, their first project was to design a rain coat for their own dog Athos, a Labrador retriever.

"When it came to designing a coat for Athos my dog, he needed it, he didn't have a rain coat so that set us on the path" said Maribel.

Jana said she jumped on board with her mom soon after graduating college, "She'd been doing it for about a year and I'd see some of the stuff that she'd done and it's a lot of fun, I love being around the dogs so it really wasn't a stretch or hard to get my mind around at all" she said.

Now, the duo is hard at work creating looks for their Bel Bijoux line, and in less than a year they've already made it on national television.

The episode titled "Barking Bride" will air this Saturday evening on Nat Geo Wild at 9:30pm.