The home of the man first credited with bringing the Baptist church to Bucks County was torn down Tuesday morning.

Hilltown Township decided the The Thomas-Musselman log building was in disrepair and needed to be removed from Hilltown Civic Park off Route 152.

"It was very difficult to keep the building maintained but we did the best we could," said Beverly Slifer, President of the Historical Society of Hilltown Township.

The Thomas-Musselman log building was built in the early 17th century by the Rev. William Thomas and his son. Despite an attempt to restore the cabin in the 1980's it fell into disrepair, much to the disappointment of some people who say it's a shame to see it go.

"The main thing is to remember the past and be respectful to it," said Tim Histand of Hilltown Township.

Slifer says she didn't want the cabin to be thrown out so she enlisted the help of Mike Hart of Hart Demolition and Restoration to help.

Hart took the cabin apart piece by piece.

Wood and stones salvaged from it will be on display at local museums and other pieces will be re-purposed by other historic homes.