Since 1973, one police department has been shared by two boroughs, says East Greenville Mayor Ryan Sloyer.

But the arrangement just isn't working out anymore.

"We've had trouble trying to run the business with our partner," says Mayor Sloyer.

That partner is Pennsburg Borough.

Mayor Sloyer says it boils down to money - they can't afford rising costs, and he says even when his council told Pennsburg's they couldn't afford a 9th officer, one was hired anyway.

"We've been trying to get them to understand financials. It hasn't worked so far. They haven't cared," Mayor Sloyer says.

So the Mayor says they sent out a survey, asking East Greenville residents if they'd consider creating their own police department, and after most people said 'yes,' they cut ties with Pennsburg.

That, says Pennsburg Borough Councilman Cody Belmont, "was a pretty big shock to the whole community."

Belmont says it affects a lot of people - it meant officers losing jobs, and residents losing officers.

"Hopefully East Greenville Council sees the outpouring of support for the police, and changes their decision," he says.

Mayor Sloyer says, this exact issue came up before - back in 2001 - and he says the boroughs worked it out. What happened this time?

"You know," he pauses and says, "I don't know. Questions need to be asked to Pennsburg why they're doing what they're doing."

Meantime, down the road - at a town hall Mayor Sloyer says he chose not to attend - people were asking questions, and voicing their concerns.

One resident even said, he disliked the change so much, he was going to run against the mayor next year.

"I fully expected it," Mayor Sloyer says, adding "And if the people here in east Greenville decide that it's time for me to go as mayor, I'm good with it. I'm OK with it…I know I sleep well at night knowing that I made the right decision."

Mayor Sloyer says at his borough's next meeting on September 27th, he'll lay out a plan about hiring a new police chief, and using an existing building to house a police department.

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