Recent college grad Nathan Bergey can do just about anything from the backseat of his car.

"I call it 'One Tiny RV,'" Nate says, flashing a huge grin.

A while back, Nate bought the 2-door Honda Accord off Craigslist and the engineering major, went about engineering an idea.

"I thought, how can I make this car that I already have into the perfect traveling machine?'" Nate said.

How? By custom-making a small, but efficient house on wheels, including a fridge, running water and a 6-foot bed.

As for the restroom...

"I found truck stops to be really nice! I was surprised how clean they were," Nate says, explaining how he made up for the only thing the RV is lacking.

Then it was ready for a test drive.

"I started in Hatfield, Pennsylvania where I live. I traveled to St. Louis first, then to Phoenix to see my girlfriend, then out to California: Los Angeles, San Francisco and then to Yosemite where I stayed in a campground there."

He got some looks along the way.

"Some double takes out in Hollywood," Nate says, adding, "Once in traffic I pulled down my sink, turned down my faucet and filled up my water bottle and the guy {next to me} couldn't believe it!"

People were fascinated.

Nate had created One Tiny RV, that led to a huge road of possibilities.

"It's freedom…I can just go anywhere," Nate said.

His next stop, is Ohio, where - not surprisingly - he's got a new job as a systems engineer…and yes, the car goes with him.

"I'm gonna drive it to work, and it's gonna be my daily driver," he says.

We point out, if he's late going to work, he can just brush his teeth on the road! To which he adds, " Yep, I can eat a bowl of cereal!"

But that surely won't be Nate's last stop.

Where does he go from here? Well, that's the beauty of it...anywhere he wants to.