Two churches in Perkasie joined forces to encourage the borough council to consider a "nonprofit electricity rate."

Randy Swope of Trinity Lutheran Church and Kathy Ockenfuss of St. Stephen's United Church of Christ took turns asking for members to consider adopting an ordinance that would allow for an adjusted rate. Currently there is one rate for business and one rate for personal use; churches pay the business rate.

Council has spoken in the past about an adjusted rate and council said the concept will be discussed during the 2017 budget meeting which takes place in October.

In other news, the borough is taking steps to comply with new Environment Protection Agency regulations with a new storm water management program. Borough Manager Andrea Coaxum outlined plans, which would ensure the borough tracks the progress of storm water management and reports back to federal authorities on schedule.

Coaxum also gave simple suggestions to the public that will help the borough comply with EPA regulations. Residents are asked to make sure leaves are not left in roadways and to pick up and properly dispose of dog waste - even in their own yards.

“You can help us protect our waterways by actually cleaning that up. Some people think it’s compostable, but it’s actually very bad for the environment,” Coaxum said.

Also, car washing should be done in the grass instead of on driveways or the street.

The program applies to general contractors as well and requires companies to ensure excess dirt and sediment isn’t running into the storm water system.