>>>chandi lowry: first at 6.. a man with an apparent hatred for law enforcement goes on a deadly shooting rampage through philadelphia. when it was over, one woman was killed, two police officers hurt and three others injured. the suspect was later killed by police. wfmz's jaciel cordoba is in our studio with more. jaciel? 3 >>>jaciel cordoba: chandi, philadelphia mayor jim kenney says it was a really terrible, scary night. it began just after 11 last night with the ambush shooting of a 46 year old police officer in west philadelphia. >>reporter: a tense night for police as they rush to help two of their own in the 52-hundred block of sansom street. police say that's where 25-year-old nicolas glenn walked up to sgt. sylvia young as she sat in her patrol car and fired 18 times at close range, hitting her in the arm, safety vest and even disabling her weapon with his bullets.>> it is absolutely miraculous that she's alive. >>reporter: police say glenn then fired five times into the maximum level lounge, injuring a security guard. police say he grabbed a woman, used her as a human shield from officers then shot her.. glenn made his way to 48th & walnut, where police say he fired shots into a white car hitting a man and a 25 year old woman in the chest. that woman who was right in front of her house died overnight. police say glenn also shot university of pennsylvania police officer eddie miller in the leg and buttocks. during a foot chase with police, glenn was shot in an alley by police. commissioner ross 3 praised the restraint officers used in taking down the suspect. >>commissioner richard ross jr./philadelphia police dept. this guy's firing at everyone on the street he sees but it's so many people out there they probably elected not to discharge their weapons for fear of hitting innocent civilians and so i cannot say enough about their restraint and what they did. >>>jaciel cordoba: commissioner ross says police may never know what motivated glenn. police found a letter he had written in an envelope marked "doomed" where glenn said he hated policemen and probation officers. ross says the rambling letter was more about glenn than who he wanted to hurt. the officers and the injured civilians are all expected to