Traffic officials in Berks County said they're happy to see plans to improve the Penn Street Bridge in Reading moving forward.

PennDOT showed off preliminary plans for the 100-year-old bridge at a meeting Wednesday night.

Officials said they want to keep historical features of the bridge in tact while repairing the surface and deck.

"There will be a few modern updates to it in the sense that we'll be making the sidewalks slightly smaller and there will be a physical barrier between the roadway and the sidewalks, but other than that, the bridge itself will look like it did 100 years ago," said Alan Piper, Berks County transportation planner.

Three lanes of the Penn Street Bridge will stay open when the work starts, but the ramp from Route 422 West to the bridge will be closed.

PennDOT said construction could start in 2015, as long as work on the Buttonwood Street Bridge is finished.