Alleged victim of 'creepy caller' talks about effect on family

Robert Glass accused of making 17,000 calls between August and December

Caller's alleged victim talks about effects on family

ANNVILLE, Pa. - A woman who said she received one of approximately 17,000 lewd and harassing telephone calls allegedly made by a Lebanon County man has spoken out.

Robert Glass was arraigned Tuesday night on multiple counts of harassment and stalking, police said. He was committed to the Lebanon County Prison on $25,000 bail.

Christine Wurzer, who lives with her family in Annville, Lebanon Co., received a harassing phone call in September, police said.

"We were watching TV. The phone rang. My son answered the phone," said Wurzer, as she welled up with tears.

News of Glass' arrest, Wurzer said, made her emotional all these months later because she remembered her son's expression.

"He got this white, just like white as a ghost, and he looked very scared," said Wurzer, noting that her 10-year-old son was visibly upset. "'Who is it? What's wrong?'" she asked. "He gave me the phone and he said something about a penis. I said excuse me and he said it again, and I hung up the phone."

Wurzer was one of 11 victims North Londonderry Township police said came forward.

Glass, police said, called people across Pennsylvania between August and December 2012. Other women told police he called them several times, would use their names and then said other lewd things.

"It's scary. You don't know when to take something as a joke or to know that it's serious," said Wurzer, who took it seriously because her son did. "He slept in our bed for about two weeks, had nightmares almost every night."

Wurzer said she wished she knew then how to trace a blocked call.

"Do not make any phone calls," she said. Dial"star (*) 57 immediately and then call the police department to let them know what happened."

Police said they eventually traced the calls to a cell phone registered to 5 West Washington Ave. in Myerstown, which is Glass's home.

Based on cell phone records, police said Glass made 17,000 phone calls in 108 days.

Investigators are asking people who may have received a call from Glass to contact their local police department, which can then get in touch with Det. Pokrop of the North Londonderry Township Police Dept. to coordinate charges.

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