Bill could push Pa. Turnpike speed limit to 70 mph

Proposed increase would be first since boost from 55 to 65 in 1995

Bill could push Pa. Turnpike speed limit to 70 mph

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The speed limit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike could increase to 70 mph if one state lawmaker gets his way.

The House Transportation Committee has endorsed the bill by a vote of 18-4, but it's unclear whether it will be debated on the House floor. Leaders of the House Republican majority were said to be reviewing it.

The proposed increase would be the first since the limit was increased in 1995 from 55 to 65.

The sponsor, Pa. Rep. Joe Preston, D-Pittsburgh, said modern improvements have made the turnpike safer than ever and that he wants to give the turnpike commission the authority to increase the limit.

Neither the commission nor the Pennsylvania AAA Federation has taken a position on the bill.

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