Cash-paying travelers to see change on Pa. Turnpike

New toll plaza machines to print recyclable tickets for travelers on demand

Cash-paying travelers to see change on Pa. Turnpike

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Change is coming to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, but it has nothing to do with the price of tolls. It has everything to do with the tickets.

The tickets issued to cash-paying drivers in the toll-plaza entry lanes are getting a makeover.

The old beige tickets will be replaced with tickets printed on recyclable thermal paper, and they'll be printed on demand, which will save ink and paper. The new tickets will also be recyclable.

A handful of toll plazas issued the tickets on Wednesday. They'll be installed statewide over the next 10 months.

New machines will be installed at the turnpike's lower-volume toll plazas first and at its busiest interchanges last.

The old machines have been in service since 1988, and the turnpike commission won't be able to get spare parts by the end of the year.

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