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Corbett: Transportation vote driven by politics

State House rejects bill 103-98

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said he's "extremely disappointed" by the House vote to reject a major transportation funding plan.

Corbett said Tuesday the 103-98 vote was driven by politics and not by principle. He said the result is that Pennsylvanians will not have the transportation system they deserve.

The Republican, who's running for re-election next year, said lawmakers who voted for the bill displayed courage and commitment.

Monday night's tally came on a test vote that raised doubts about whether any roads bill will pass this year.

The proposal would increase gasoline taxes and a host of motorists' fees to raise billions of new dollars on roads, bridges and mass transit systems.

The divided Republican majority produced just 59 votes as conservatives raised concerns about the increased taxes.

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