Corbett veto exposes GOP divisions in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The relationship between Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and his fellow Republicans in the Legislature went from a slow simmer to a boil this week as they traded insults about leadership following his decision to veto millions from the General Assembly's own budget.

The reaction from legislative leaders was remarkable as a Republican-on-Republican fight. Corbett announced Thursday that he would blue-line $65 million from the General Assembly's budget as well as about $7 million in legislative earmarks.

Polls show Corbett badly trailing Democratic nominee Tom Wolf in his re-election bid.

Corbett's decision is shaking things up in Harrisburg, and his supporters hope voters will notice.

But the 253 state lawmakers play a big role in party politics, so there's a risk of alienating people Corbett may need in the fall campaign

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