JobGateway introduced to communities across the state

JobGateway introduced to communities across the state

Pennsylvania's Department of Labor is looking for ways to entice job seekers and employers to use JobGateway, a job matching web site for people across the commonwealth.

"We average about 200,000 job postings at JobGateway on any given month. None of the job postings on JobGateway are more than 60 days old," said Julia Hearthway, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

The site is free and lists information for both employers and job seekers including a virtual interview experience.

"A person will come online and interview you and you can tape yourself using your iPad or your computers, and you can replay your interview...see how you did," said Hearthway.

The site itself has been around since July 2012 but with so many tweaks and changes, the Department of Labor is now finally ready to push the site out into communities around the commonwealth, starting at colleges and universities.

"The site that existed before was awful, it was awful. It was bureaucratic, it was slow, it wasn't very effective and we've been changing it so that we think it is extremely effective tool," said Hearthway.

So effective, according to the Department of Labor, the site has about a million hits each month and the number of registered users has gone from the hundreds to close to 400,000.

"We also want to hit some technical schools so we're doing what we can to make it to accessible everybody so everybody is aware of it," said Hearthway.

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