PA Farm Show kicks off for another year

PA farm show kicks off

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Each year Pennsylvania produces a half-billion dollars worth of mushrooms, four-million pounds of pears, and more then 7-billion chicken eggs.  And examples of all of this are on display at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

There are about 62,200 farms across the state, and it's more than chickens, cows and corn.  The Pennsylvania Farm Show kicked off Saturday in Harrisburg for an 8 day run that showcases the aspects of life on the farm.

"We just want people to know that when you buy local you're supporting farmers, you're supporting your local communities, you're supporting the future," explained Deputy Press Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Nicole Bucher.

The 2013 theme is "Made in PA: It Makes a Difference", and there's plenty to do and see for the roughly 400,000 people who come to the complex.

"We're going to go look at the animals," smiled Erik Smith.  "With three little ones the animals are definitely the highlight for today."

"I want to see the cooking demonstration, so I'm looking forward to that," shared Susan Campbell.

This is the 97th time the farm show has been held.  The schedule of events in the 24 acre complex includes food contests and exhibitions, tractor pulls, rodeo competitions and livestock judging.  And there's always something new to see.  The Hobby Lobby features quirky competitions like creations out of duct tape and decorated bowling pins.

"We also have several new items in the food court, one is pumpkin funnel cake, another is veal meatballs," said Bucher.

There's a brand new wine tasting area, a grape stomp Thursday night, and for the first time folks can take part in cow patty bingo.

"We'll set up the floor of the large arena to look like a giant bingo card and the cows will do their business on the card and whoever has the square where they plopped on wins a Weber grill and some beef," added Bucher.

The Farm Show runs through next Saturday.

"It's wonderful, wonderful to see the culture of Pennsylvania get together and just show off the best that PA has to offer," said Smith.

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