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Pastors rally against same-sex marriage law

Pastors rally against same-sex marriage law

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Some Pennsylvania pastors are speaking out against the federal ruling that legalized same sex marriage in Pennsylvania.

"It is an unwarranted and un-welcomed federal assault on state sovereignty and our right to pass our own state laws," said Pastor Sam Rohrer.

The Pennsylvania Pastors Network took to the rotunda in Harrisburg to speak out against the federal ruling striking down Pennsylvania's 1996 same sex marriage ban.

Rohrer says the ruling is an attack on traditional marriage.

He says it jeopardizes the laws made in our state and violates the Tenth Amendment of the constitution.

Now, the network is appealing to Corbett to defend its belief in the biblical definition of marriage.

"The truth is that marriage is not something abstract or neutral that the law may legitimately define and redefine to please those who are powerful and influential," said Pastor Feftali Charles Olmeda.

Liz Bradbury, executive director of the Pennsylvania Diversity Network says the ruling is not about pleasing the powerful or the influential; it's about marriage equality.

"The judge made this decision based on the constitution and one of the most fundamental part of the constitution is the equal access part which says that you treat everyone equally and this a question of treating all families equally," said Bradbury.

Bradbury says that while she respects the pastors' beliefs, there are a lot of religious people in the commonwealth who support marriage equality.

Even though Governor Corbett isn't one of them, he says he will not appeal the ruling.

The network is hoping Corbett will change his mind.

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