Pennsylvania lawmakers pass state budget just before deadline

Governor Tom Corbett has not yet signed state's spending plan

PA budget in limbo

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Midnight marked the arrival of Pennsylvania state government's new fiscal year, which came with an election-year budget bill approved by the Legislature, but not Gov. Tom Corbett's signature.

The Republican, who used to boast about his perfect record in signing budgets on time, said early Tuesday morning as he left the Capitol that he wouldn't immediately sign the $29.1 billion spending plan that lawmakers sent him.

Leaders of the House and Senate Republican majorities couldn't drum up enough support for the pension overhaul Corbett wanted in conjunction with the budget.

The plan would reduce future state and school employees' pensions, to save more than $10 billion over 30 years.

What happens next is unclear.

Corbett said he hadn't agreed to every detail in the main budget bill before it passed, so he wants to review it first.

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