Pennsylvanians also voting for Congress, state offices, legislative seats

Voting is well under way across Pennsylvania with Republicans hoping the state is in play as they try to capture the White House.

Democrats have taken the past five presidential elections in Pennsylvania, including President Barack Obama's win four years ago, but GOP challenger Mitt Romney has staged a late effort to cut into Obama's support, including an Election Day visit to Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvanians are also deciding contests for Congress, attorney general, treasurer, auditor general and most state legislative seats.

A heavy turnout of voters has been reported at polling places around the region. Voters in Forks Twp., Northampton Co., said they waited nearly two hours to cast their ballot.

Voting has not gone completely smoothly across the state.

A voting machine in Perry County had to be re-calibrated after it switched a person's vote from President Barack Obama to Mitt Romney, said Ron Ruman, a Department of State spokesman, calling it a "momentary glitch." The machine is now working fine, Ruman said.

Seventy-five Republican election workers were prohibited from accessing polling places in heavily Democratic Philadelphia, prompting a court order, said Rob Gleason, chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

A mural of Obama at another Philadelphia polling location was also ordered covered up.

The Democratic Party did not immediately comment.

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