Political pundit weighs in on Specter's legacy

Political pundit Terry Madonna weighs in

Political pundit Terry Madonna has been following Senator Specter's career for decades.

Madonna says Specter has had the most influence on the confirmation of nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court than any other Senator in modern history.

And he said in Pennsylvania, his biggest legacy may be the least known.

"What has probably not been well publicized is the billions of dollars he brought back to the state in the form of economic and community development monies," Madonna said. "Basically the taxpayers of our state getting some of their money back for all sorts of economic and community development projects," he added.

"You won't be able to go into a community and not find some legacy of Arlen Specter as a result of the community and economic development monies," Madonna said.

Madonna said Specter also holds the record as longest-serving Senator in the state.

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