Price at the pump drops to a 4-year low

Price at the pump drops to a 4-year low

If the site of your pump price feels like you're watching a financial horror story, you may be in luck.

According to AAA, the price of gas is $3.52 per gallon in Berks County (13 cents lower than last month and seven cents lower than a year ago) and $3.49 per gallon in the Lehigh Valley (19 cents lower than last month and 10 cents lower than a year ago).

Nationally, gas prices are the lowest for the start of August in four years.

"The refineries are running at full tilt and there's more than enough gas in the market to bring the price down," said Theresa Podguski, a AAA spokeswoman, adding that it could all change if hurricane season wreaks havoc on gulf water refineries.

It's a weather report Kevin Klase is hoping to avoid.

Klase runs Tall Timbers Nursery and has his own landscaping company. His fleet of 20 trucks racks up a lot of charges making deliveries.

"I pay my bill once a week, and it's $1,800," he said.

So, a break in price?

"Little bit more savings and can pass it along to customers," he said.

Some experts said the price of gas will inch back up for Labor Day but then head down again. Some even said it could go as low as $3 a gallon, but the big question is will that happen in Pennsylvania?

"We doubt $3 per gallon in Pennsylvania. Typically see that in the southeastern part of the country," Pudguski said.

The last time Pennsylvania saw gas below $3 a gallon was in December 2010. Sadly, it's a travel present not likely to repeat itself.

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