Rendell making the rounds at DNC

Rendell making the rounds at DNC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Bank of America stadium in Charlotte is dark Thursday night.

It's where President Obama was planning on accepting his party's nomination but weather got in the way.

The speech will take place inside the Time Warner Cable Arena instead.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell will be there, and he says former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama got the ball rolling.

"We've heard two of the best speeches that I've heard in my lifetime in politics and that stretches back 34 years," said Rendell.

Rendell is making the rounds at yet another DNC. He's in a different role this time around, as a political analyst for MSNBC.

Thursday morning, he told delegates this is no time to rest, even if the president is leading in the polls in Pennsylvania.

"Everyone says the Republicans have written off Pennsylvania because they haven't spent any money. They have enough money they could do a gigantic media buy in the last six or seven weeks and try to blow us off the map," Rendell said.

Another prominent Pennsylvanian will try to get his and the president's message out.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was originally scheduled to speak Wednesday but a last-minute change has him speaking on the same night as the nominee.

Nutter said he'll speak about job growth, healthcare and what he said is the right direction for this country.

"And remind folks where we've been, what his record is, and how he will lead us into a more prosperous future. So, I couldn't be more excited about that," Nutter said.

The president is expected to speak just after 10:30 p.m.

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