Stretch of Pa. Turnpike boosting speeds to 70 miles-per-hour

Stretch of Pa. Turnpike boosting speeds to 70 miles-per-hour

Speed limit signs saying "70 miles per hour" are going up in Pennsylvania.

Seventy will be the new speed limit in south-central Pennsylvania on a 100 mile stretch of road between the Blue Mountain and Morgantown Interchanges.

"It is about time that they finally did that," said Sue Calmes, a driver from Ohio.

"I would love that. I think it is a positive thing," said Brendan St. Thomas, a driver from Warminster.

It is all thanks to the general assembly passing a law last fall that allows the turnpike commission to use its own discretion.

The turnpike CEO says their studies show that the design of the road in that area can safely accommodate higher speeds.

Many drivers we spoke with support the move saying they already do that speed and it will now match the speed limit in other states.

"They are going the same speed, they are doing over 65 anyway," said Guy Costanzo, a driver from South Carolina.

"A lot of the other states are doing it and it seems like people are not crashing and having accidents there. So might as well raise and see how it goes," said Bryan Carre, a driver from Kennett Square.

"I think it is great. We already have that in the state of Ohio, which we are used to and we travel across this way all the time," said Calmes.

However, others say it could just perpetuate speeding.

"People now that are going already 10 or 15 over are going to go that much faster," said St. Thomas.

The new speed limit will take effect next Wednesday July 23rd.

But the turnpike commission urges motorists to drive sensibly according to traffic and weather conditions.

More details are expected to be released next week at a news conference as well as future speed-limit changes on the turnpike.

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