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What will it take for Governor Corbett to beat Tom Wolf?

What will it take for Governor Corbett to beat Tom Wolf?

Governor Tom Corbett and businessman Tom Wolf will face off in the November general election.

Republican Corbett won the primary in an uncontested race, while Wolf pulled in 58 percent of the votes in a four-person race on the Democratic side.

Wolf's campaign has picked up quite a bit of steam recently, while experts said Corbett has a tough battle ahead.

"If you look at polls between Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett, Wolf tends to lead by 15 to 20 points before he was nominated…Wolf is in some ways in a better position," said Chris Borick, political science professor at Muhlenberg College.

For Wolf to come out on top, Borick said the he'll need to continue running the campaign he's already started, but to a much larger crowd.

"He now has to introduce himself to a general electorate audience in Pennsylvania. That means expanding his appeal," Borick said.

Borick envisions a different plan of attack for Corbett, whose approval ratings have been low.

"What Tom Corbett has to do is improve on his public standing…And at the same time start to diminish Tom Wolf's general perception," Borick said.

Borick said Corbett would also benefit by an improving economy.

The general election is set for November 4.

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