It's a fairy tale we have all heard but not quite like this!

A new take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears is causing a stir in Monroe County.

"Golidlock and the three bears [a] great story," said East Stroudsburg parent Miguel Velez.

But he's not a fan of the version his son brought home from his 3rd grade class at Resica Elementary School. Or of its title: Goldilocks and the Cops.

In this version, Goldilocks breaks into the three bear's house, gobbles up some porridge and trashes baby bear's chair before taking a nap.

But this time Goldilocks gets busted.

"I was appalled and I was offended. I felt it put police officers in a very bad light, cops, police officer just don't go around handcuffing children," said Velez.

Velez says the lesson also broke a school rule against name calling when the story called Goldilocks "crazy".

But the East Stroudsburg School District says a twist on a classic is nothing new and actually helps children learn. In this case, they say, between right, wrong and what's appropriate.

"We want them to be able to be critical thinkers, to be able to see both sides. Rather than just say you shouldn't say that this is why it should not be said," said Resica Principal Gail Kulick.

Superintendent Sharon Laverdure says Velez's concerns are being reviewed as is the material.

She says the district encourages parents to get involved with every aspect of their child's education and communicate concerns when they arise.

"If there is any material that they are uncomfortable with they can send a note to the teacher and our teachers can provide an alternative activity," said Laverdure.

So how does this story end?

Velez says he is thinking about forming a parents curriculum review committee.