"City Council and the mayor are very much at odds with one another on most issues," said Hahn.

Yannuzzi, who is a full-time city employee, asked City Council  to call a special meeting this week to resolve the crisis, but Hahn said it declined to do so.

The mayor then proposed sending non-essential city personnel home and having essential personnel work without pay. That lay-off originally was scheduled to begin Monday, but the mayor is extending their employment through Dec. 6.

Council is scheduled to meet at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5. Perry, the council president, is optimistic some kind of stormwater maintenance fees will be approved at that meeting. "No council member wants to lay everybody off."

"I think it will be resolved," said the mayor. "There is no other alternative. I think they'll realize that and step up to the plate."

Yannuzzi and Hahn have been meeting with unions representing city employees to prepare them for the worst.

A local bank is offering to extend a line of credit to police and firefighters, said Hahn.