For 66 years Carbon County's Mahoning Drive-In movie theater has brought Hollywood to headlights.

However this could be the Lehighton theaters last weekend as digital conversion threatens drive in's across the country.

Mike Donchak and his wife Deb have run the Mahoning Drive-In for 15 years, but they can't afford the $85,000 digital converter that would save the drive in.

However Honda's "Project Drive In" could direct a happy ending.

It's a national campaign to save the iconic movie parks. Mahoning is one of four in our region in the running.

Through September 9th, fans can vote twice per day online by going to or via text at 444999vote21.

The top five vote getters will get a free converter.

"I couldn't believe it until they came and shot the commercial. I was like okay I guess this is real," Deb said.

Being a career movie man, Mike has spread the word, whether it be via Facebook, or an old fashion Movie poster, posted at his renovated theater in Coaldale.

"We had a lot of people coming to the box office and saying we voted every day," the couple said.

But will it be enough to enable their show to go on?