East Stroudsburg University police are issuing a warning to students: Don't walk alone at night.

The alert comes after a student was abducted and assaulted near campus around 11:15 p.m. on Oct. 21.

"And she kind of had an eerie feeling and realized there was two black males with hooded sweatshirts attacked her, threw her to the ground, threw her into the back of a car that was being operated by a third individual," said Capt. Brian Kimmons, Stroud Area Regional Police Dept.

The student told police she was taken to an unknown building and held there for two hours before escaping.

The details of the abduction have police looking into whether it's connected to two other incidents.

A similar incident happened just this week when two men in hooded sweatshirts tried to force another student into a dark, possibly a red four door sedan, police said.

Police are also looking into an incident in September in which a jogger was approached by a man in a hooded sweatshirt but got away.

"No one can walk around on campus or even outside of campus without being scared," said student Alexandra Green.

Campus police are encouraging students to walk in pairs or use the campus safe ride program. Blue emergency beacons also line the paths across campus.

Meantime. police are trying to find out who abducted the student, who was unable to give police a detailed description, so patrols in the area are being beefed up.

"We will re-route some of our plain clothes patrol that we usually do and focus them on these types of areas," said ESU police Chief Robin Olsen.

Police are meeting with ESU resident advisers to reaffirm the importance of not walking alone at night.

ESU students within a one block of campus may call 570-422-3064 or 570-422-2000 and ESU police, student workers or professional staff will escort them safely to their location.

Anyone who has information about the abduction or has seen suspicious activity is asked to call the Stroud Area Regional Police Department at 570-421-6800 or East Stroudsburg University police at 570-422-3064.