A Monroe County prison inmate is facing assaults charges after a guard was stuck by used needle in his locker.

Daniel Reposh, 43, of Stroudsburg, was at the Monroe County Correctional Facility for a DUI violation.

On Aug. 17, a female correctional officer was doing a routine search of Reposh's cell for contraband.

When she opened the locker, she was stuck with a lancet, a small needle used by diabetics to get a blood sample. The needle was hidden in the locker handle, officials said.

Reposh told facity detectives that he 'booby trapped' his locker to keep people out of it.

The lancet had been used by Reposh, who is a diabetic, and the lancet contained traces of blood.

Reposh faces charges of assault, aggravated assault by a prisoner and related charges.

The correctional officer who was injured was treated and is back on the job.